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Twin Peaks : The Definitive Collection Empty Twin Peaks : The Definitive Collection

Post by MutantMeteor on Thu Apr 15, 2010 2:15 pm

The greatest show ever made is finally available to buy in one collection.

Its no exaggeration to say that a number of the hit series on our telly these days were in some way inspired by Twin Peaks (Lost, X Files, Sopranos etc). If anyone hasnt seen it or is too young to have seen it then heres a quick summation :

Twin Peaks is a crime/thriller/comedy/supernatural/thriller with some really weird and wonderful ideas that make it difficult to define. The story revolves around the solving of the murder of a young girl, within which there are numerous interweaving plots, red herrings and frankly weird shit that goes on. The show became a cult hit with people the world round and some twenty years later the internet is still full of fans clambering for more.

Theres also a prequel movie called Fire walk With me that is essential viewing, although it needs watching after the two seasons that teh show ran for to full appreciate it. The actual movie is extremely dark with sexual violence themes throughout.

Time for a cup of joe and a slice of cherry pie .... Wink


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